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About us

SALUS d.o.o.

25 years of tradition…

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SALUS is a mechanical engineering company.The company was founded in 1991 and is involved in the design, development, and manufacture of mechanical equipment and product lines for a broad range of industrial fields.

Our products are custom-designed to meet our end-users’ expectations and specific needs.

We are qualified for:

  • preparing everything from the concept to implementation (turnkey solutions)
  • completing complex projects
  • resolving technological problems
  • assembly and start-up
  • general repairs and machine renovation, and
  • reconstruction and revamping of machines
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Behind every idea and every success story stand the people who made it happen. People are business and at SALUS and in our work people come first. Good relationships between all participants are our driving force. We are aware that good relationships cannot be bought, but must be forged by hand. We establish close collaboration with all our partners, our customers, as well as with our suppliers. Communication, active collaboration, and mutual trust between all parties involved in a project are vital prerequisites for consistent workflow and achieving excellent results.

Special attention is devoted to cultivating correct and fair personal relationships, as only this way can we establish productive partnerships. By hosting several gatherings and meetings outside of work, we strive to foster good and authentic relationships based on trust. Every year we organize our by now traditional day trip to Golica, inviting employees, our suppliers, partners, and customers.

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Our business connections with several experts and companies allow us a high degree of flexibility and capability. We know how to address and overcome unique technological problems or challenges.

We manufacture on and to order and can therefore optimally focus and adjust to meet end-users’ specific needs. We are also very successful when it comes to project realisation due to our active communication and collaboration with our end-users, which enables us to meet and exceed expectations.

We have an extensive list of references. Our years of work in various industrial fields give us knowledge and a huge amount of experience, which are then fully incorporated when we undertake challenging projects.

Our business premises at the Ravne Ironworks and good business relations with other companies in this field give us an advantage when it comes to finding solutions and to the procurement of various special materials such as casts, forgings, rolled pieces, and special alloyed steel.


Investing in people is always a good investment, as it is one that brings satisfaction and pride to those who participate in and support community organizations, people who have their own vision, dreams, and goals.

SALUS sponsors and donates extensively, mostly in the local area but also beyond. We sponsor sports, cultural and artistic events, and clubs. Donations are intended particularly for musicians and athletes, as well as humanitarian organizations, clubs, and associations.


We decided to represent the company at international trade fairs in Germany, namely Metall Munich and Thermprocess/Metec/GIFA/Newcast in Dusseldorf.

We showcased a video featuring the operation of a bifrequency induction hardening machine for large rolls, which we developed together with clients, partners, and external experts. Due to the great induction hardening depth (up to 60 mm) achieved, this machine made it possible for our clients to launch a new generation of induction-hardened rolls of larger dimensions.

In 2019 Salus will be present at two international fairs:

Düsseldorf/Germany from 25 – 29 June

KATOWICE 2019 – International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy
Katowice/Poland from 10 – 13 September

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Our corporate gifts reflect who we are.

We are fighters: persistent, open to new ideas and progress, and daring to be unique.

Achieving our goals brings us satisfaction and makes life grand. Survival is the most important thing, and we therefore tireless work and create new things. This drives us forward and our business gifts have the mission of reminding us about the meaning of life, as well as our gift coupons for meal at authentic Slovenian restaurants.

Our roots are Slovenian. We support local tradesmen and our gifts represent the Slovenian tradition, gastronomy, and knowledge. Wooden products are unique handmade creations from marquetry designer Stanislav Šalamon. Hunting knives are also the unique crafts of our blacksmiths from Ravne. Among our business gifts are also books written by Slovenian authors: Jump into the Cream; inventor Peter Florjančič tells about his life (Author: Edo Marinček), Song and Steel (Author: Šipek Mitja), and Tales from Carinthia (author: Marta Repanšek).

The wheel is among the most important inventions in our species’ history. The wheel drives the world, encouraging creativity and the development of technology. Undoubtedly, the wheel was a revolutionary invention. A 5200-year-old wheel was discovered on the swampy marshy ground of the Ljubljana Marshes. It is the oldest wooden wheel discovered in the world. The wheel was made of ash, with an oak axis. Technologically speaking, it was extremely well-made, as the craftsman took into account even the range of wood contraction and expansion and used sophisticated techniques for joining the elements in the final production.

SALUS stands for innovation and development. We are for progress.

Mills are part of the Slovenian tradition. Flour and bread are a symbol of survival.

Our partnerships make it easier to survive, improving our lives and ensuring our “bread.”