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Load Handling Devices

Load Handling Devices – Tongs and Grabs

We custom-design load hadling devices for steel works, mills, and other heavy industries. Exclusively custom-designed load lifting and handling devices meet our end-user’s requirements and specific needs. We develop and produce tongs and grabs for various applications. We consider various possible limitations, as well as the types of cargo. Tongs have a range of operational mechanisms and can also enable cargo rotation. We produce automatic mechanical or motorised tongs, turning tongs, etc. Our goal by designing is optimal and easy use, and assurence of maximum possible work safety.

Automatic Mechanical Tongs for Flat Sections

Turning Tongs

Automatic mechanical tongs with pivoting jaws transfer and change the position of rolls.

Grabs for Bars and Billets (Round and Flat Sections)

Grabs are designed to transfer several bars or billets simultaneously. Grabs opened by steel ropes.


Custom manufactured winches with various capacities are perfect for a range of purposes. For coal mines we produce winches for shaft construction and the mounting winches, and the electric drives on such winches are in the Ex version.

Winch 70 kN

Winches 70 kN are used for constructing shafts to a depth of 500 m and a diameter of 6 m, which will enable efficient transport of coal. The winches’ steel ropes are carrying ropes for the work and tension platform, as well as leading ropes for the transport capsules.

Mounting Winches

Mounting winches are used in coal mines to assist by moving the sections by excavation.

Overhead Cranes

On request we manufacture overhead and other cranes for a variety of industrial productions (various capacities and different additional equipment). We consider both functional and technical requirements.