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Mining Equipment

Special purpose machines and presses, equipment for safe work in mines, mixers, agitators, gearboxes, winches, and other equipment intended for use in mines.

Mining equipment is manufactured according to EN standards and in accordance with the ATEX Directive and properly marked with Ex, meaning the product is explosion-protected. Most of these machines are marked with I M2, which according to ATEX Directive 94/9/EU signifies:

Group I – applies to equipment intended for use in underground parts of mines;

Category M2 – applies to equipment suitable for use in mines, liable to be endangered by firedamp and/or combustible dust.

The equipment is made and properly marked according to the needs and application in specific environments.


Custom manufactured winches with various capacities are perfect for a range of purposes. For coal mines we produce winches for shaft construction and the mounting winches, and the electric drives on such winches are in the Ex version.

Winch 70 kN

Winches 70 kN are used for the construction of the shaft, at a depth of 500 m and a diameter of 6 m, which will enable efficient transport of coal. The winches’ steel ropes are carrying ropes for the work and tension platform, as well as leading ropes for the transport capsules.

Gear Boxes

Customised gear boxes made for a wide variety of applications, including for use in special workplaces and extreme conditions. Technical specifications are adjusted to the intended use and the environment.

Gear Boxes 500 RP 

The gear box is suitable for use in methane pits.

Gear Box 45 

The gear box is suitable for use in methane pits.

Special Purpose Machines and Presses

Machines and presses for special purposes, for example processing, correction … of specific workpieces (arches, sections etc.). The design, materials and tools are adjusted to different purposes and the specific characteristics of the workpieces.

Special Purpose Portable Device for Grinding

Device designed to grind ceramic tiles of a drill bit for drilling a borehole into the ground or earth formation.

Special Purpose Portable Device for Cutting

Device designed for longitudinal cutting of ground-core samples.

RS-02-B Special Purpose Bending and Straightening Machine

Designed to straighten, bend and correct specific support arches and I profiles in the mine.

Correction Press 300 kN

Designed to straighten and correct specific steel profiles.

Hydraulic Press 1700 kN

Straightens and corrects specific steel plates with thickness up to 30 mm.

Feed Device 

The feed device serves to facilitate movement in geological drilling. Hydraulic cylinders push the boring drill up and forward.

Titanium Tongs 

Titanium tongs enable safe renovation or demolition of arch support units in the pits. Tongs replace the clamping force of bolted joints and are operated from a safe distance. They protect workers against the force of impact of arches as the clamping force starts to relax and thereby enables the secure exchange or removal of the support arches. Tongs are hydraulic and made of titanium alloy, which reduces the weight of the tongs by 40%.


The machine was developed to produce a mixture of ash, additives and water to fill in an empty, already utilised area in the mine.

Silt Loader 

The silt loader is designed for loading cave silt onto train car. Loader is placed on rails and has a platform on which the operator controlling the hand-held pneumatic valves- levers stands. The operator rotates and moves the loading shovel forward/backward to capture and upload the silt to the loading shovel, which then throws the silt over the machine axis on the train car.

Pressure Tank 

The pressure tank is used for injecting mortar by the building of plankings in pits. Plaster is injected through the tube with air pressure. The tank has all the necessary certificates for pressure tanks and has passed A tests.

Mixer for Plaster 

Mixer for making and applying plasters.

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