Induction hardening2018-11-09T08:30:16+00:00
Customised Induction Hardening
  • Custom-engineered turnkey solutions for induction hardening, tailored to the specific requirements of the client. Induction hardening systems are developed and optimised for maximum effectiveness.
  • Customised frequency, coil geometry, power, and cycle time assure the desired surface hardness and hardness profile of the workpiece
  • Loading/unloading and PLC/CNC control system tailored to your needs
  • In-line integrated or standalone hardening machines
  • Reconstructions and renovations of hardening machines
  • Special applications: induction hardening of large-sized, massive, specific parts, etc.
Simultaneous Dual-Frequency Hardening

Dual-frequency arrangements using two different power suppliers and two different frequencies are needed to achieve the desired hardness profile of specific parts, or of large and massive parts where larger case depths are necessary. Our dual-frequency induction hardening machines provide deep penetrating heat and case depths of up to 60 mm. Dual-frequency technology is also appropriate because parts hardened this way offer less distortion and a better distribution of residual stresses.

Raceway, Gear, and Roll Neck Hardening

This includes customised hardening of raceways and gear teeth on the inner and outer diameters. Due to the machine’s modular design also the induction hardening of roll necks is enabled.


  • Hardening of large rings for wind power and other industries
  • Twin inductor scanning head for hardening double-row raceways simultaneously
  • Hardening of multiple teeth simultaneously, helical gear teeth, etc.
  • Hardening of roll necks etc.



Cryogenic Treatment2018-11-09T08:30:05+00:00

Cryogenic treatment enables an additional step in the heat treatment hardening process. Cooling treatment is completed after induction hardening and is used to provide a uniform hardened surface (no soft zones, no pitting) and the material’s greater hardness and wear resistance.




Automated customised quench hardening stations with motorised conveyors, an automated pumping system, automated protective clamps, automated racks for soft lay-down of parts, loading/unloading and a PLC/CNC control system … with everything tailored to your needs.

Custom-made quench tanks are tailored to the metal parts to provide uniform cooling and quenching which is enabled through appropriate tank construction and sufficient agitation close to all surfaces of the parts.



Special Purpose Presses and Machines2018-11-09T08:29:37+00:00

We provide conception, design, development, construction, and manufacture of special-purpose machines (turnkey solutions) for various branches of industry. In collaboration with our customers, we have developed several machines for special purposes, for example machines for processing, bonding, assembly, control, correction of specific workpieces, and much more. The design, materials, and tools are adjusted to the purpose and specific characteristics of the workpieces.



Mining Equipment2018-11-09T08:29:22+00:00

Special purpose machines and presses, equipment for safe work in mines, mixers, agitators, gearboxes, winches, and other equipment intended for use in mines.

Mining equipment is manufactured according to EN standards and in accordance with the ATEX Directive and properly marked with Ex, meaning the product is explosion-protected. Most of these machines are marked with I M2, which according to ATEX Directive 94/9/EU signifies:

Group I – applies to equipment intended for use in underground parts of mines;

Category M2 – applies to equipment suitable for use in mines, liable to be endangered by firedamp and/or combustible dust.



Sheet Metal Processing Machines2018-11-09T08:29:11+00:00

Production lines for manufacturing sheet metal products (for example, the tub of a washing machine, the drum of clothes dryer, etc.).  Various presses, straightening machines, machines for sheet metal cutting, bending, etc.



Polyurethane Processing Machines2018-11-09T08:28:55+00:00

Machinery, equipment, components, and spare parts for polyurethane processing lines.



Assembling, Conveying, and Handling Systems2018-11-09T08:28:43+00:00
  • Various transfer systems, conveyors and heavy duty feeders for heavy pieces in steel and other industries
  • Lifting systems, tongs, winches, crane rails, mechanical hands, etc.
  • Equipment and systems for assembly and handling
  • Assembling and welding devices
  • Assembly lines and individual components for transporting and handling of products from one to the second level of assembly or production
  • In line with the prescribed SIQ standards we manufactured equipment for dynamic testing of packaging and products before shipment to the market (Vibrating table etc.)




Load Handling Devices2018-11-09T08:28:22+00:00

We custom-design load hadling devices for steel works, mills, and other heavy industries. Exclusively custom-designed load lifting and handling devices meet our end-user’s requirements and specific needs.  We develop and produce tongs and grabs for various applications. We consider various possible limitations, as well as the types of cargo. Tongs have a range of operational mechanisms and can also enable cargo rotation. We produce automatic mechanical or motorised tongs, turning tongs, etc. Our goal by designing is optimal and easy use, and assurence of maximum possible work safety.



Devices for Dynamic Testing of Products2018-11-09T08:28:10+00:00

In line with the prescribed SIQ standards we manufacture equipment for dynamic testing of packaging and products before shipment to the market.



Devices for Mixing, Tamping, and Filtering2018-11-09T08:27:57+00:00

Devices with several technologies of mixing, tamping, filtering, etc. Technology and materials are tailored to the needs and demands of end-users. There are several mixing tanks and equipment, various filters with/without drive, melting chambers for heavy liquids in Ex version, etc.



General Repairs, Renovations, and Revamps2018-11-09T08:27:46+00:00
  • Reconstruction and Modernisation of Machines and Production lines
  • General Repairs and Renovations



Mechanical Assembly and Electrical Installation2018-11-09T08:27:33+00:00

We offer the assembling and commissioning of lines, machinery, and electrical equipment, along with disassembly and reassembly, including any necessary repairs, modifications, or reconstructions. We carried out for example complete assembly of a blooming mill (manufacturer Morgårdshammar).



Parts and Components2018-11-09T08:27:17+00:00

We supply and manufacture custom-designed parts and components for various types of industrial production. Using the latest processing machines and traditional or computer numerical controlled (CNC) technology, we produce various individual components of machines according to the client’s plan, or we design an entirely new plan for them. The choice of material, thermal, and other processing is also available at the client’s request. We participate in the military’s industry programme and manufacture parts and components for armoured vehicles, various heavy machinery and machines, etc.