Assembling, Conveying, and Handling Systems2018-11-09T08:10:08+00:00

Assembling, Conveying, and Handling Systems

  • Various transfer systems, conveyors and heavy duty feeders for heavy pieces in steel and other industries
  • Lifting systems, tongs, winches, crane rails, mechanical hands, etc.
  • Equipment and systems for assembly and handling
  • Assembling and welding devices
  • Assembly lines and individual components for transporting and handling of products from one to the second level of assembly or production
  • In line with the prescribed SIQ standards we manufactured equipment for dynamic testing of packaging and products before shipment to the market (Vibrating table etc.)

Assembly Devices

Assembly of Car Rear Axle

Manufacturing of device for a car rear axle assembly

Workstation for Putting Together

We produce assembly workstations for putting together of different components and controlling of car footrest snap fittings

The device consists of:

  • Assembly trolley with drive and fixing elements, pieces of the final product are manually putted on trolley
  • Pressure device for bonding textile coverings
  • Pressure device which presses the snap fittings-locking elements and controls them
  • Pressure device for Velcro fastener
  • Safety devices (safety elements and light curtain)

The operator puts the individual components on the assembly trolley, only when it is in the middle position. When the gearmotor moves the assembly trolley to the left, where the trolley is locked, a pneumatic cylinder presses the textile and plastics together, so that they bond together. When the assembly trolley is moved and locked on the right, 3 pneumatic cylinders press down the snap fittings (locking elements) with adjustable force and time. When the cylinders are in the lower position, another cylinder presses the Velcro fastener to finally glue it. Then, optical fibres measure the snap fittings (locked elements). In the event of error, the device stops at the pressing position and a red light on the counter lights up and indicates which snap fitting element is not in the right position.

Assembly Preparation Devices

The assembly and welding preparation devices for carriers in the automotive industry are designed for spot welding. Counterweights are integrated to ease the lifting and control points to control the correct positions.

Centering Tables

We completely designed, constructed, and implemented the new centring tables for the operation of robots on the press line.

Conveyors and Feeders

Various conveyors and feeders are used for various industrial productions, including feeders for the steel industry, conveyors for assembly lines, conveyor system for organic acids, for plastic granulation, and more.

Heavy Duty Feeder

Feeder for heavy pieces (hot forgings) in the steel industry:

  • thermally isolated (the motor does not overheat)
  • integrated spring supports for safe and easy lay-down and positioning of heavy forgings

Roller Conveyors

We manufacture roller conveyors for assembly or dispatch/storage lines in various industrial productions, and produce lines and individual components for transporting and removing products from one to the other (second) level of assembly or production.