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Induction hardening

Customised Induction Hardening

  • Custom-engineered turnkey solutions for induction hardening, tailored to the specific requirements of the client. Induction hardening systems are developed and optimised for maximum effectiveness.
  • Customised frequency, coil geometry, power, and cycle time assure the desired surface hardness and hardness profile of the workpiece
  • Loading/unloading and PLC/CNC control system tailored to your needs
  • In-line integrated or standalone hardening machines
  • Reconstructions and renovations of hardening machines
  • Special applications: induction hardening of large-sized, massive, specific parts, etc.

Simultaneous Dual-Frequency Hardening

Dual-frequency arrangements using two different power suppliers and two different frequencies are needed to achieve the desired hardness profile of specific parts, or of large and massive parts where larger case depths are necessary. Our dual-frequency induction hardening machines provide deep penetrating heat and case depths of up to 60 mm. Dual-frequency technology is also appropriate because parts hardened this way offer less distortion and a better distribution of residual stresses.

Raceway, Gear, and Roll Neck Hardening

This includes customised hardening of raceways and gear teeth on the inner and outer diameters. Due to the machine’s modular design also the induction hardening of roll necks is enabled.


  • Hardening of large rings for wind power and other industries
  • Twin inductor scanning head for hardening double-row raceways simultaneously
  • Hardening of multiple teeth simultaneously, helical gear teeth, etc.
  • Hardening of roll necks etc.

BIKS 830 Vertical Dual-Frequency Induction Hardening

This induction-hardening machine is for inductive surface hardening of rolls with a diameter from 250 to 830 mm. Induction frequency is continuously variable and therefore several case depths are possible, up to 60 mm. The machine has two inductor coils, which operate simultaneously, each with its own frequency, one with a high frequency (250 Hz – 1000 Hz) and another with a low frequency (50 Hz -100 Hz) and thus a longer period of hardening is enabled, more power is delivered and larger hardening depths are achieved. Due to these characteristics, the machine also enables the rehardening of used rolls and the preheating of rolls (before that the water must be transferred from the upper to the lower tank).

Hardening depths up to 60 mm (by 5% chromium tool steels), with uniformity of hardness in the range +/- 2 HRC

BIKS 750 Vertical Dual-Frequency Induction Hardening

Induction hardening machine for roll necks IKS-50-450

  • Power consumption3 x 400 V +/-10 %, 3 x 500 A, 360kVA, 50 Hz  
  • Diameter of the roll neck: 50 to 450 mm
  • Hardening depth: 2 to 17 mm
  • Weight of rolls: up to 8000 kg