• Automated customised quench hardening stations with motorised conveyors, an automated pumping system, automated protective clamps, automated racks for soft lay-down of parts, loading/unloading and a PLC/CNC control system … with everything tailored to your needs.
  • Custom-made quench tanks are tailored to the metal parts to provide uniform cooling and quenching which is enabled through appropriate tank construction and sufficient agitation close to all surfaces of the parts.

Automated Quench Hardening Station

Entire quench hardening station for 6-metre-rolled profiles

The station consists of:

  • a quench tank and agitators
  • roller conveyors driven by an electric motor
  • automated racks for profiles (for safe and soft lay-down of profiles)
  • automated protective clamps which prevent rolled profiles bending during quenching (minimal deformations)
  • a 2 x 50 m3 tank with two different hardening media
  • an automated pumping system
  • heat exchangers, and
  • a Siemens controller

Quench Tanks

Two quenching tanks with different hardening media (only one is shown in the picture) are connected with a tube to ensure greater flood protection. To provide uniform cooling and quenching, each quench tank is equipped with agitators, one with 16 and another with 28, mounted at an angle to ensure better circulation, besides the necessary sufficient agitation close to all surfaces of the large parts to break the vapour film around them. Pumps supply a cooled medium to the pool at an angle and under pressure, contributing to further circulation and agitation of the media.