Sheet Metal Processing Machines2018-11-07T12:19:17+00:00

Sheet Metal Processing Machines

  • Production lines for manufacturing sheet metal products (for example, the tub of a washing machine, the drum of clothes dryer, etc.).
  • Various presses, straightening machines, machines for sheet metal cutting, bending, etc.

Production Line for Manufacturing Washing Dryer Drums

An automated production line for manufacturing washing machine/dryer drums which consists of:

  • tools for punching and bending
  • an uncoiling and coiling unit
  • devices for conveying, feeding and dosing sheet metal
  • cross-section units
  • an edge bending machine, and
  • a cold stapling machine

Stroke of line: 30 seconds

Production Line for Manufacturing Washing Machine Tubs

We reconstructed, refitted, and revamped our production line for washing machine tubs. The following was carried out on the new line:

– uncoiling and dosage of sheet metal
– automatic transition from one to two coats of processing
– production of a hydraulic punching machine
– production of four units for spot welding, and
– automation of the rapid tool change and point machines.