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General Repairs, Renovations, and Revamps

Reconstruction and Modernisation of Machines and Production lines

We carry out the reconstruction, refitting, and modernisation of production lines, which are optimally aligned to changes in the manufacturing of new types of products, allow greater capacity and a higher degree of automation, etc.

General Repairs and Renovations

We offer professional expertise for individual mechanical parts of machines and equipment. After considering the specific situation, we propose the manner and extent of general machine repairs, which are undertaken in accordance with the prescribed procedure and concluded with reassembly, commissioning, and the necessary measurements.

Reconstruction and Revamp of an Induction Hardening Machine for Rolls

We carried out the refurbishment, reconstruction, automation and revamp of an induction hardening machine for large rolls with a diameter to 650 mm. We maintained the structure of the old machine and with the revamped machine we performed the following procedures:

  • complete renovation of mechanics (new drive units and guides)
  • equipping the machine with a new CNC control system, automation and sensors (the transition from manual-relay control to computer control)
  • replacement of the electrical wiring, transformers, and inductors (increased hardening power)
  • complete new cooling system for electrical components and for the hardening process, and
  • equipping the machine with an electric lift

The purpose of the revamp was:

  • to ensure the reproducibility and accuracy of the hardening process
  • to provide settings of parameters (temperature, traverse speed by hardening, workpiece rotation speed, frequency) and
  • to achieve the greater depth and speed of induction hardening

Refurbishment of an M3 Press

After completing an inspection, we refurbished the external and internal slides, including:

  • disassembly
  • mechanical straightening of press slides
  • reinforcements of the corner ribs
  • manufacture and installation of new guards
  • necessary milling of different surfaces
  • expertise and repair of pressure units
  • expertise and repair of regulation units
  • refurbishment of gears, shafts and connecting rods
  • all measurements, and
  • reassembly and testing

L3 Eccentric Press Refurbishmnet

We changed the tension screw in the pillar of an eccentric press and we enlarged the press opening by 250 mm between the table and press slide.

Hydraulic Press Renovation

We provide general renovation of hydraulic presses, reinforcement of the construction, and replacement of stiff mounts for the articulated mount of slide (elbow movements).

Press Lines M2 and M3

We were actively involved in implementing expertise for mechanical parts of M2 and M3 presses, as well as technical solutions during manufacture, installation, and commissioning. We perform all press geometry measurements after commissioning.

Bucket Wheel Excavator Renovation

We replaced gear with a diameter of 3 m, the complete drive, and the hydraulics of a bucket wheel excavator.

Automated Security Guards for Presses

We provide design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of automated security guards for eccentric presses. Lifting and dropping of guards is carried out on the control panel of the press.

Mechanical Hands

  • General repairs
  • Implementation of new technological solutions
  • Improved, flexible attachment – clamping of hands
  • New hand grippers