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Special Purpose Presses and Machines

We provide conception, design, development, construction, and manufacture of special-purpose machines (turnkey solutions) for various branches of industry. In collaboration with our customers, we have developed several machines for special purposes, for example machines for processing, bonding, assembly, control, correction of specific workpieces, and much more. The design, materials, and tools are adjusted to the purpose and specific characteristics of the workpieces.

RS-02-B Special Purpose Bending and Straightening Machine

This customised machine was designed to straighten, bend, and correct specific support arches and I profiles in the mine. The deformed cross-section and the curvature of the workpiece are corrected back to the correct shape.

  • Different and flexible tools (for the correction of different profiles)
  • Adjustable radius of curvature

Correction Press 300 kN

Custom-made correction press designed to straighten and correct specific steel profiles.

Hydraulic Press 1700 kN

Special purpose correction press designed to straighten and correct specific steel plates with thickness up to 30 mm.

Assembly Workstation for Glueing

The assembly workstation is used for putting together, glueing isolation (felt) on the sides of the car luggage compartment, and for controlling elements around the light frame (carried out by the camera’s sensor).
The device is equipped with two chambers. Each chamber is equipped with one aluminum form (the car luggage compartment side is placed on that form), left and right templates for more easily positioning felt and the membrane for uniformly glueing or pressing felt (pneumatics for vacuum and overpressure for pressing felt and for locking tools). At the same time as pressing, the washers on the light’s frame are monitored by camera. Safety devices (inductive and reed switches) have also been integrated.

Adhesion Press

To manufacture refrigerators and freezers we produced three machines for various kinds of adhesive evaporators. The presses are equipped with a Siemens controller.

Machine Applying Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

This computer-controlled machine applies double-sided adhesive tape to an evaporator, with inbuilt innovative vacuum technology.